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Farm To Market Days

Summer may begin in June but, for many parts of the country, gardens don't reach their peak until August. Modern grocery stores manage to keep us satisfied with produce year round, but there is nothing like the flavor of farm fresh tomatoes, peaches, or sweet corn.

The Secret To Making Perfect Chili Fit For A King

Every autumn my thoughts turn to making chili. The garden is about done.

Spanish Food - How To Make Spicy Gazpacho Soup.

Home-made soups are so good for you - all that nourishing stock and chock-a-block full of vitamins and minerals.But .

Spanish Food - The Tasty Tortilla

It certainly is a poor man or woman who cannot find a few eggs, a couple of potatoes and an onion in their store cupboard!The ever-practical Spaniard realized this and thus created their marvellous "tortilla" - an easy-to-make dish that could be savoured by rich and poor alike.Not only cheap to make the tortilla, or Spanish omelette, is immenseley adaptable: you can eat it hot or cold, depending on the weather and your mood; you can enjoy a small slice as a "tapa" (snack) in between meals; or, accompanied by a multi-coloured mixed salad and crusty, fresh Spanish bread, you have a marvellous main meal! Should unexpected guests come knocking at your door .

Digging Up Earthnuts (Conopodium Majus)

The custom of grubbing for Earthnuts, or Pignuts is as ancient as mankind itself. Although these tasty tubers are beloved of pigs (hence the name) they are a most unusual and rewarding woodland snack and there was a time when they were a popular nibble for country children on their way to and from school.

Wild Watercress Soupt (Nasturtium officinale)

Wild Watercress soup is a delicious and nutritious recipe with the leaves available in spring and early summer. Watercress is rich in Vitamins A and C, iron, iodine and phosphorus.

Rosemary flower candies (Rosemarinus officinalis)

Leave your tic-tacs at home. This medicinal plant provides delicious mouth fresheners to integrate into a balanced healing diet.

Rowan Jelly (Mountain Ash - Pyrus aucuparia)

Sharp and sour but sweet and succulent all at the same time, this traditional accompanyment to cold meat is bursting with flavour, and folklore !'Rowan tree and red thread - have the witches all in dread'On May eve Rowan crosses used to be worn in UK and were sometimes fastened to cattle (or their barns) for protection against witches and other 'evil doers'. Legend has it that the crosses had to be made without a metal knife to work properly.

Tayberry Jam

The taste of Summer, bursting with flavour and anti-oxidant effects. Tayberries are a Raspberry / Blackberry cross that combines the best of both.

London Broil - Garlic

eRix Recipes London broil - Garlic  Ingredients: ? 2 lbs. London Broil beef ? 1 ½ cups cubed, peeled carrots? 1 ½ cups cubed cabbage? ½ cup cubed Spanish yellow onion? 2 cups halved, unpeeled red potatoes? 1 teaspoon salt? 1 tablespoon of canola vegetable oil? 4 quartered cloves of garlic from bulb? ½ cup of water Step One - take the 2 lb.

Spanish Food - The Perfect Paella

Looking for a traditional Spanish recipe? Without doubt, the best-known is going to be the prodigious paella ..

Spanish Food - How To Prepare Boquerones

Whilst on your travels in Spain and pausing to take a breath from site-seeing, you have surely experimented with "tapas" at a welcoming bar.If this is the case, it is more than likely that you have come across the small, tasty filleted fish, preserved in olive oil, sliced garlic and chopped parsley, and highly popular throughout Spain.

A Simple Technique to Remember Grocery Items

Whoops! I Forgot the ..

Blue Cheese Omnivorous

IngredientsRomaine Lettuce (head $1.29) 1 pound of steak ($10 per pound) 1 box of colorful pasta ($1.

Fish Recipes

These recipes are wonderful and they are old family recpies. Armenian Baked Fish3 lbs.

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