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I would like to share with the reader an article printed in the financial section of U.S.

Investing in the Stock Market - When To!

Is really not as important as to how you invest in the stock market. And how you invest in the stock market should take into consideration what goals you are setting for that stock market investment.

High Price/Earnings Ratios and the Stock Market: a Personal Odyssey

After some forty years of banking and investments, I retired in 2001. But since I do not golf, I soon found retirement to be very boring.

Forces that Move Stock Prices

Among the largest forces that affect stock prices are inflation, interest rates, bonds, commodities and currencies. At times the stock market suddenly reverses itself followed typically by published explanations phrased to suggest that the writer's keen observation allowed him to predict the market turn.

9 Deadly Trading Mistakes!

The following are a list of nine things you want to avoid at all costs. Anyone of them can literally destroy your financial dreams and goals!1.

Making Outsized Returns in the Stock Market - Using the Dow Theory

The Dow TheoryCharles H. DowRobert RheaE.

Basics of Stock Market

Financial markets provide their participants with the most favorable conditions for purchase/sale of financial instruments they have inside. Their major functions are: guaranteeing liquidity, forming assets prices within establishing proposition and demand and decreasing of operational expenses, incurred by the participants of the market.

Planning Your Dive and Diving Your Plan - Trading!

A colleague of mine just returned from a scuba diving trip in Cozumel, which just happens to be one of my favorite places to dive. Anyway, she was telling me about an unexpected difficulty she encountered while swimming around the corral reef down about 85 feet.

Trading Education: The Best of Both Worlds!

I made my very first investment in the stock market when I was ten years old. Ever since then I have been hooked! Now I check out hundreds of trades each year with the same excitement andenthusiasm, and each time try to find that one market at the right time that could dramatically create wealth.

Historical Briefing: Stocks, Finance and Money

The World Bank claims that some two billion of the world's citizens live on $1 per day or less! That fact absolutely shocked me. With this statistic in mind it becomes important to focus on all of the things that have served as money over the history of civilization.

Oil Stocks CHK WLL - What Is Their Worth?

(1) CHK stock price $16.74, NAV $32.

Defining a Long-Term Investment in the Stock Market

For some "long term" would mean holding a stock position over the weekend. For others, it may mean holding a security for at least 1 year for the purpose of declaring a long-term capital gain, thus saving on taxes.

Analysts - Do They Really Know The Stock Market?

When you become interested in a stock or mutual fund you can call your broker and he will send you reports on how the company is doing, what their management is like and what might be the projected earnings for the company and how the industry is doing. Great information.

Stock Chart Reading

As an investor you will want to check out any equity before you buy it. Many investors go to Morningstar which is one of the largest providers of mutual fund information in the world.

Forecasting the Stock Market

Every day I see in the financial section of newspapers how to forecast what the market will do in 6 months, 12 months, several years. "Ten stocks that will double in the next 6 months.

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Gold's Many Uses
HERE at US Global Investors we carefully monitor the price of gold, writes Frank Holmes at, well, US Global Investors! We pay close attention to the macro drivers moving the yellow metal, like government policy and cultural affinity spurring demand ...

Northumberland Christian, Lourdes move up in Stock Market Challenge
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... managing hypothetical $100,000 portfolios as part of the Stock Market Challenge, operated by the Pennsylvania Council of Financial Literacy. The Northumberland National Bank and The Daily Item are again sponsoring the competition. Meanwhile, a ...

Manager Research Analyst
Built In Chicago
The Group: Morningstar's Research group provides independent analysis on individual securities, funds, markets, and portfolios. The Research group also provides data on hundreds of thousands of investment offerings, including stocks, mutual funds, and ...

The Many Uses Of Gold
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Gold is one of the most coveted metals in the world and a popular gift in the form of jewelry. The Fear Trade is driven by negative real interest rates and the fear of poor government or central bank policies that could result in currency devaluation ...

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Financial shortcuts to avoid and use when saving and investing for retirement
For his part, Loewenstein also recommends picking an investment strategy — a target-date mutual fund is a good option — and then adhering to it mindlessly. And remember, above all else, “it's all about how much you put aside; not how you invest it ...

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WSB Atlanta

6 ways to start investing when you only have $100 or less
WSB Atlanta
When it comes to investing, keeping costs low is the name of the game. That's because management fees and annual expenses can take a big bite out of your money. In fact, paying just 1% more in annual fees can mean you'll have $80,000 less in retirement ...

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Queen's Journal

A guide to investing for students
Queen's Journal
To start, you may choose to invest in bonds, stocks, mutual funds or even real estate. You can think about bonds as loaning out money to a company or governments, who repay the amount you loaned plus interest. Bonds are generally a safer investment ...

Valley morning Star

Local teens learning financial literacy
Valley morning Star
“You can invest in a home, that's real estate.” His team then engaged the students on five topics related to investing — Banking, Certificates of Deposit, Stocks, Mutual Funds and Exchange-Trade Funds. The message seemed to have reached the students ...

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Milton takes Stock Market lead over Lewisburg
Sunbury Daily Item
"Our Money Talks group is tracking a class portfolio of stocks, mutual funds, and ETFs," he said in an emailed comment. "Each day at the beginning of class, we update to see how each individual student's investment choice is performing. We are ...


Exchanges Have Democratized Data, Lowered Costs
[Data-driven] innovations powered by continuous technology investments have driven down the fees investors pay for stocks, mutual funds, and ETFs to a fraction of what they were less than a decade ago. In fact, without market data the ETF markets would ...

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